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Help us to bring the Faces Behind Masks initiative to digital printing companies and hospitals in your local country or region. We are looking for Print Industry Ambassadors, who are familiar with the local print industry and can help motivate printers to join us and print stickers.

We are also looking for Medical Community Ambassadors who will bring awareness of this initiative to local medical facilities and will help them coordinate their communications with local printers.

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Our Faces Behind Masks Ambassadors around the World

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Through FBM, an adversity gives our coumunity an opportunity to come together all over the world, and give back where it matters the most. Im proud and filled with joy to be a part of it in México.

Luis Romo

FBM Ambassador - MÉXICO

I am very proud to be part of this beautiful project, especially during this tough times we are going through in Brazil

Sueli Araujo

FBM Ambassador - BRAZIL

Thank you very much for your invitation to being part of this amazing project.

Alberto Prieto

FBM Ambassador - Florida, United States

FBM is an amazing and heartfelt initiative. We’re so proud to support and help share this project with the printers everywhere.

Chris Curran

FBM Ambassador - South Carolina, United States

Thankful to be part of this project and show the power of technology and purpose

Jose Alberto Gutierrez

FBM Print Industry Ambassador - Colombia

A unique idea, the power of digital printing and personalisation make an impact on one-on-one communication. I am proud to support this project in German-speaking countries.

Christian Gericke

FBM Ambassador for Germany, Austria & Switzerland (DACH)

When the heart meets the brain there is nothing you cannot do. A great initiative I'm proud to be part of and bring it into Italy.

Michele Mingotto

FBM Ambassador - Italy

Jon's wife is an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner on Intensive Care. As this has a personal meaning, we are delighted to support this initiative. We are specialists in print personalisation, we support all major online personalised retailers with their production needs so are well placed to get behind this great cause.

Jon Tolley

FBM Ambassador - UK

Mother Teresa said, none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful. This is FBM for me. I'm proud to be part of this project. Thank you so much.

Adrian Bressi

FBM Ambassador - Argentina