Frequently Answered Questions


Where does Faces Behind Masks operate?

Faces Behind Masks operates anywhere in the world where we are able to connect with medical teams and digital printers. If you think that patients and medical teams in your region would benefit from the Faces Behind Masks initiative, please contact digital printing companies and hospitals in your area and invite them to join us at

I wish to donate to your cause. Where does my donation go?

Donations help us to print more Smiling Face stickers, grow our initiative to more countries and regions, and raise awareness among medical teams and digital printing companies. In some places we need to pay for shipments, in others we help cover the cost of printing. Our team work voluntarily, and all donations go directly to cover our operational costs, nothing else.

Please note: if you are a large corporation that wishes to support our initiative, please contact us at and someone from our team will contact you personally.

Do hospitals need to pay for stickers?

No. All Smiling Face stickers are donated for free to medical teams.

How can digital printing companies help?

Digital printers can easily create an account with Faces Behind Masks on our website at Digital Printers → and register to donate to their local medical teams. Our digital printing partners choose how many stickers to donate and which hospitals they wish to donate to, through our fast and easy to use online portal.

I am interested in volunteering my time to help the Faces Behind Mask Initiative. How can I help?

We are looking for volunteers in all regions, both remotely and in person, to help with the following types of work. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at

  • Managing social media posts on a daily basis
  • Answering email inquiries
  • Helping us locally to connect our initiative with hospitals
  • Helping us locally to connect with digital printing partners
  • Helping us with photography – seeking professional photographers willing to help photograph medical teams and also help showcase our success stories
  • Helping us locally with transportation of stickers from digital printing companies to hospitals

How many Smiling Face stickers are needed for each medical staff member?

A full-time medical staff member needs between 100-400 Smiling Face stickers per person, depending on the department. In some departments 100 stickers is enough for one staff member, while in COVID-19 departments, staff change protective gear three times per day and therefore need 300-400 stickers per person.