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Faces Behind Masks aims to bring back the human connection in medical care, at a time when the faces of medical personnel are often hidden behind masks and other protective gear. While protective clothing is critical for safety, it sometimes creates a barrier between patients and medical staff.

The Faces Behind Masks initiative leverages the power of the worldwide digital printing community enabling them to print and donate Smiling Face stickers to medical teams in their local regions. Each Smiling Face sticker features a photograph of the medical staff member that can be worn on top of the staff member’s protective gear, helping to bring warmth and recognition to interactions with patients.

Create my Smiling Face sticker

If you have contacts with local digital printing companies in your region – you can create your Smiling Face sticker using the link below and simply send them the PDF files that are ready for printing.

If you do not have a connection to a digital printing company, you can also use these PDF files to print them yourselves on any standard office or home printer.

Contact a Local Digital Printer

The Faces Behind Masks teams around the world are actively promoting this initiative and looking for more and more local digital printing companies to join and donate Smiling Face stickers to medical staff in their communities.

We are passionate about leveraging the power of digital printing to make a difference in medical care worldwide. But we cannot be everywhere.

If you would like to bring this initiative to your hospital or medical practice, please click the link below to learn how you can proactively approach digital printers in your area.